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LifeSenz is working towards improving cancer
treatment by predicting in vivo drug response by
utilizing patient derived ex vivo 3D cancer models.

Who are we?

About Us

LifeSenz Cancer Research Labs Pvt Ltd is a scientific knowledge-based biomedical company where we aim to improve the patients' lives by providing guidance for precision cancer therapy at the personal front.

We are also bridging the gap between academia and industry in the bio-pharma sector by offering top-notch R&D training to scientists, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, and potential job seekers in the same field, and, on the other hand, working with industry and academic partners on translational cancer research-related projects that directly benefit patients' quality of life.

We are currently working on 3 domains...

Precision Cancer Therapy

Research & Training


We aim to change lives

Our Impact

Cancer is a dreadful disease. As a standard protocol, in general cancer patients receive a ‘One size fits all’ treatment. However, most often cancer patients undergo tremendous stress & anxiety due to the fact of uncertainty of the effectiveness of their treatment at the individual level. LifeSenz in one hand envision to provide an impactful & affordable personalized cancer treatments to the community.

In parallel, LifeSenz also contributing in therapy development by engaging in various translational cancer research-based projects. Moreover, we also upskilling the scientific calibre of new generation scientists to develop a knowledge based highly skilled scientific ecosystem.

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