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Prediction of chemotherapy response is a challenge. As resultant patients often bear the cost of both TIME and MONEY. Our mission is to make cancer treatment highly precise and affordable within an actionable timeframe. We are also working towards developing newer drug and/or therapy which can have a positive impact on patients’ lives. In parallel, we are upskilling the next generation of scientists to develop a knowledge based highly skilled scientific ecosystem.

Our Vision is to provide an impactful and affordable personalized cancer treatments to the community. At LifeSenz, we are committed to bring scientific innovations to the highest quality that ultimately leads to improve the patients’ lives

Who are we?

About Us

LifeSenz Cancer Research Labs Pvt Ltd is a science and technology-based biomedical organization, where we aim to improve patient's lives by guiding precise cancer therapy at a one-to-one level.

We are also bridging the gap between academia and industry in the bio-pharma sector by offering top-notch R&D training to scientists, undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, and potential job seekers in the same field, and, on the other hand, working with industry and academic partners on translational cancer research-related projects that directly benefit patients' quality of life.

We are currently working on 3 domains

Precision Cancer Therapy

Research & Training


Improving the cancer therapy outcome by Advancing the Technology

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Precision Cancer Therapy

Our Expertise


  • In cancer “One treatment does not fit all”
  • Every cancer patient is different
  • Limitation to predict the response to chemotherapy at the individual level
  • TIME & MONEY both are very important in cancer treatment and management


At LifeSenz we are working on to develop patient derived ex vivo 3D cancer models to predict chemotherapy response before treatment begins. Our patient derived ex vivo 3D cancer models will be closely mimicking individual in vivo tumour microenvironment and thereby this platform could be useful to evaluate therapy efficacy, outside the body in a Relatively shorter turnaround time; initially useful to evaluate Standard of Care (SoC) drug/s and subsequently with other relevant investigational therapies.

Research & Training

Our Expertise

To shorten the gap between Academia and Industry we make sure that our training and courses should be as per international levels. We, here at LifeSenz Ltd. scientifically up-skilled the researchers in the biopharmaceutical sector with quality R&D training and also contribute to the discovery & development of cancer therapeutics. Our programs are designed as per the current and futuristic needs of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

Academic R&D

Job Seeker Training Program

Short Term Workshops

Collaborative Research

Students/ professionals interested for our in-house training programs can fill up below form for any enquries.

Our Expert Team

Our Team

We believe in innovation
We nurture scientific curiosity

Biopharma industries looking for competent people or placement possibilities from our trained resources or, any relevant job opportunities with us can get in touch now.


Working towards improving Cancer Treatment

Why LifeSenz?

Innovating Constantly

LifeSenz is continuously working to further improve the outcome of cancer treatment and up-skilling the relevant student & scientists.


We believe in Purpose

This is a purpose-driven organization to “make the treatment more accurate and precise” for cancer patients belonging to all sections of society.


Our Unique Technology

We predict in vivo drug response by utilizing patient-derived ex vivo 3D cancer models.


Experts at what we do

LifeSenz has tech equipped and highly skilled team dedicated to its vision and mission.

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Laboratory: F-2, Dharam Square, Sonale, Bhiwandi - 421302, Thane, Maharashtra.

Corporate Office: ESCTASY, Office No. 502, 5th Floor, City of Joy Commercial, J.S.D. Road, Mulund (W), Mumbai-400 080.


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